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Hittech Group is a Full Service System Supplier that acts as a 1st tier supplier and partner of OEM companies.

This group of companies, which is controlled from a small holding, form a solid unity. They strengthen each other with their different competences. It is a network organisation of companies or business units up to approximately 100 employees, making that commitment, entrepreneurship and flexibility is encouraged.

Our most important competences are:

Our main markets are: 

This gives an unique combination of competences which are strengthening each other.
Via all these competences we are very well able to carrying out Total Life Time Management ( TLTM ) for our partners.

To intensify the cooperation within the Hittech Group the subsidiaries are combined into 3 divisions:

a.  Hittech Systems, with Hittech Multin, Hittech Prontor BU Assembly & Engineering,
     Hittech Comac, Hittech Assembly Malaysia and Hittech Services & products.
b.  Hittech Machining, with Hittech Bihca, Hittech MPP ,Hittech Wemac and
     Hittech Prontor BU Machining and Hittech Prontor BU Coatings
c.  Hittech Materials, with Hittech Gieterij Nunspeet and RSP Technology. 

Hittech Group BV is partner with:





Hittech Group BV  
Laan van Ypenburg 60
NL-2497 GB  Den Haag
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)70 7504678   
Chamber of Commerce no. 34092337

XHit BV (owner Hittech Group)  
Westerwerf 7b
NL-1911 JA Uitgeest
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)251 317617  

Latest news. 

May 2017 - Hittech Group advanced on Fabulous PT 40

Again, Hittech Group has advanced on the list of the PT Fabulous 40 of the Dutch Technological Industry. Hittech Group is now on the second place and shows an increase of the turnover of 38,1% over the years 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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May 2017 - Hittech customer Aspect Imaging introduces WristView™ 

Aspect Imaging has introduced its new WristView™ - point-of-care hand and wrist MRI system at RSNA 2016, Chicago.
The FDA cleared and CE approved, WristView™ MRI system is a dedicated hand and wrist MRI system which cuts out the claustrophobic feelings associated with conventional full-body MRI systems.
Hittech Group has supported Aspect Imaging in the development and production of the patient positioning system of the WristView.

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March 2017 - Hittech Prontor Sucessful Certification

At the end of March 2017 and early April 2017 Hittech Prontor was audited by the DQS.

The auditors examined the processes according to the standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN ISO 14001:2004 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2012.

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Februari 2017 - Hittech on Rapidpro


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